Up to 1,200 sqft $75
Over 1,200 sqft   $90
  1. Unlimited images but at least 1 per room and 2 exterior

  2. MLS upload ready 

  3. Detail shots as requested

  4. Print ready images as requested

Walkthrough slideshow video: $15

Music included


  • Pictures can be used by the agent for the purpose of selling the property.

  • Editing: Sky replacements and minor editing are allowed. No "Photoshopping" allowed on images. For protection of all parties.

  • Cancellation/Rescheduling: $20.00 fee if appointment cancelled with in 12 hours of appointment time. Weather causing appointments to be rescheduled/cancelled will not cause a fee.  

  • 24 hour turn around for delivery of images.

Phone: 336-266-0795

Email: clicktosellphotography@gmail.com

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